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The October trailers Podcast. (Not a trailer of the trailers like before, this is the podcast of trailers. Clear? No? Never mind…)

Long time listeners – by which I mean any of you who’ve been with us at any point in the last year – will be aware that once per month we sit down and watch trailers for movies being released in the coming few weeks. We try to guess which movies have a cast worth your fuffle money and which do not.

To bring you such wondrous podcasts in a predictable time-frame, there’s a lot less checking going on in the editing process and so with that in mind, I, Mr Wilson, present to you a podcast that even I haven’t listened to yet. Here’s hoping I put the intermission music in the right place.

All I can tell you is that Birch and Smith saw some trailers and probably had an opinion. Especially Birch who I heard is very upset with Tom Hanks right now. Don’t ask why – you’ll have to listen.


Joining our usual Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell this week is The Elevator Bossa Nova from Bensound which is a whole lot more soothing than you’re used to from us. Or it would be if I used more of it.

Live for season 5


Mr Birch and Mr Smith return live with the first episode of season 5. They discuss the new, friendly game site, catching up on scoring, a certain Star Wars film coming out this year, and an Alec Guinness film that’s not Star Wars.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

The podcast trailer podcast

Mr Birch and Mr Smith quickly pop in to explain what’s going on in a completely not confusing way.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

Playing the FFL reimagined


The FFL site has been in its current form for a few years years now. We threw it together in a hurry and we’ve never taken time to step back and looked at how it all fits together. We’re the first to admit that a player’s main experience looks muddled and busy. Read more…

Wilson presents… The Annual FFL Blooper Reel 2016

Summer. Was fun wasn’t it? Lots of fun in fact, which is why I, Mr Wilson, took 3 months to do a 1 month job. And what a job – compiling the edits, cuts and ramblings of a years worth of podcasts (well – the stuff we’re allowed to publish and possibly some stuff we’re not) and putting them all together so you can hear our unprofessional moments. Those that didn’t get into the actual podcasts that is. You get the idea.

You know the drill with the Epic Trailer Music by now – it’s from the amazing talents of Two Steps From Hell and we love it.

July trailers review

A bit later than expected but Mr Birch, Mr Thorn and Mr Smith review American Hero, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad and Mechanic Resurrection. Oh, and The Purge Election Year.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

It sounds good but…

Mr Smith reveals a prototype. Mr Birch reviews four films. Mr Thorn questions the team on their lowest quality sequels. Mr Birch predicts who will play Bond next.

And here’s a picture of that prototype:

Screenshot from 2016-06-25 13:35:03

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

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