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Final scores for the FFL 2016 season

After a long wait while we tracked down some pesky UK box office data, the final scores for the FFL 2016 season are in! Our congratulations go to Pappsamillion, who topped the 2016 league table with a staggering 390,110,000 Fb. You can check out the full league for 2016 here to see how everyone did.

Don’t forget that the 2017 season is already under way, so go play!

The FFL February Trailers Podcast

Hello and welcome to the February edition of a podcast you can play along with (usual disclaimer about this feature not being recommended when driving or operating machinery applies).  This month we’ll be looking at Patriots Day before coating ourselves in sequels with 50 Shades Darker, Lego Batman and John Wick 2.

If you’re new to this then welcome – here’s how it works.  We’re looking ahead at movies that are coming out in the next few weeks so we know if there is cause for us to invest our fantasy film budget in some of the stars or not.  We decide this based on highly unscientific methods that are probably doomed to fail.  But what do you think? Has a miracle occurred and Wilson talked sense for once?  Is the Birch/Smith philosophy of using the cast of Marvel films a winner? Or is Thorns more cultured perspective the way forward?

If you want to play along, get yourself in front of something that can find and show movie trailers (YouTube probably) and when we break to watch each trailer you can pause the podcast and watch the trailer also.  We then share our *cough* wisdom about the trailer we’ve just seen to work out if anything about it appeals.  Feel free to share your thoughts with us via our Facebook page, get them into 140 characters of tweet to @TheFFL.

What would an FFL Podcast be without the Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.  Well, quieter, probably.  Enjoy the trailers…

The FFL February Podcast

Hello and welcome to the blog that welcomes you to the February Podcast from us at the FFL. In a rare event, four of the Mister Men are present so this month you get to hear movie reviews from Birch, the “Movie-Descriptions-In-Simple-Words” quiz from Smith, possibly the most expensive Dungeon of Doom DVD review from Wilson and now that we’ve finally got the end of year scores sorted, recognition for the 2016 FFL Winner from Thorn. He might be a little sore that he’s not first, but it could be worse. Right Mr Birch?

The usual credits apply, with Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell and Dr Squid providing our Budget Bond Theme. Joining these fabulous artists on our credits list this month is Frankum & Frankumjay’s Viena Dance loop found via

The FFL January Trailers Podcast

Hi Everyone,

As usual it’s Mr Wilson here presenting to you another of our fabled podcasts. It’s the second podcast of the month and that means a review of trailers for upcoming films where we try to predict which are films that will do well and which will tank – hopefully giving some kind of a pointer as to which actors would be great to cast in your fantasy film and which will cost you fufflebuck after fufflebuck.

Remember, this is interactive-ish if you would like it to be. If the FFL super-computer is behaving, there should be links to the Green band versions of the trailers we’ve been watching. So you can watch when we do and compare your thoughts to ours. Please let us know if you think we’re wrong – who do you think will make good cast and who will have bad 2017?

This month Messers Smith and Birch have been busy with the big screen in FFL towers, looking at Assassins Creed, Underworld:Another Underworld (yes, I know the real title, but I’m not sure it’s necessary), XXX: Fast and Furious without the Family (again, I know…) and Trainspotting 2. The boys finish off with a triple-whammy of Wonderwoman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Fast and Furious 8.

With Wonderwoman having appeared on screen last year, does this stand-alone count as a sequel? If it does then only one of the above films isn’t a sequel – but even that has a couple of sequels planned, assuming the first has big enough box office take. That’s a little sad in my opinion, symptomatic of risk averse studios not looking to entertain as much as they could, but playing it very safe. So I’m off to find a big budget, successful, standalone movie being planned for 2017 so I can champion the cause of the non-franchise movie by casting it’s stars in my 2017 Fantasy Film. I may be some time…


Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell. Why not stitch it all together and play it loudly next time you park your car. Bystanders will be far more impressed.

January 2017 FFL Podcast – Happy New Year!

Happy New 2017 from us at the FFL. Welcoming you into the new year is the January podcast, full of all the usual favourites – game news, Bondwatch and more.

As well as our Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell, the Budget Bond Theme comes from our new pal, DS Quid, writer and purveyor of tunes that have no right to be as funny as they are (NSFW and for grown ups only I’m afraid). Birch and Smith have started opening with poetry (what is that about?) – hiding behind it like an elephant behind a lamp-post is an atmospheric little something courtesy of the Free Music Archive called “Thread of Clouds” by the Blue Dot Sessions.

FFL December Trailers Podcast – Who knew there were non-Star-Wars films released this month!

Here we have the Annual Star Wars trailer review. Apparently there are some other films out too – Dwayne-Not-Mr-The-Rock Johnson gets a supporting credit because he has a voice in an animation, Nick Cage gets a mention, somehow Birch and Smith managed to miss Passengers and they spend a few minutes of their lives they’ll never get back talking about the astonishing (but not for good reasons) Bad Santa 2.

Oh – and there’s the Star Wars film for 2016. They talk about that too.

As usual, if you enjoy the calming and gentle musical interludes, you can get your own copy by looking up the amazing Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL December Podcast

The December FFL podcast contains no festivities at all. Not until the *very* end anyway when Wilson makes a late appearance in one of the worst clichés since every Christmas film ever (which we do a great job of not talking about). This is the perfect listening material for when you’ve had enough of Wizard and The Pogues.

Game News, Mr Birch has seen another ancient movie he ought to have seen before, Bondwatch (with it’s own theme tune that’s legal and everything)… there’s probably much more but its been edited “blind” so I really don’t know until I listen to it myself.

As well as our Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell, the Budget Bond Theme comes from our new pal, DS Quid. Look him up, but only if you’re old enough to read naughty words. Oh, and our opening backdrop came courtesy of the Free Music Archive – it’s called “Thread of Clouds” by the Blue Dot Sessions.