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Final scores for the FFL 2016 season

After a long wait while we tracked down some pesky UK box office data, the final scores for the FFL 2016 season are in! Our congratulations go to Pappsamillion, who topped the 2016 league table with a staggering 390,110,000 Fb. You can check out the full league for 2016 here to see how everyone did.

Don’t forget that the 2017 season is already under way, so go play!

The FFL April Trailers Podcast

This month on the Trailers Podcast there’s a look at the Spandex-i-licious Power Rangers, animation of the month in the form of Boss Baby, we’re not sure what to make of Life, and finally Birch and Smith get excited* about Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and Fast and the Furious 8… no, wait, that’s not right – it’s F8 and the… no, that can’t be right. It’s eight and the furi… oh, I give up.

*It’s just possible they were so excited they forgot GOTG2 and F8OTF were covered earlier… but can you tell us when? Full marks for anyone who gets back to me with the correct episode!

Epic music of trailery epicness from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL April Podcast

Hello and welcome to the FFL April podcast. Coming to you a few days late because of [feel free to insert your own excuse here because it will be better than anything Wilson can come up with]. We are pleased to continue our outsourcing to Smith Jnr by making him watch films we don’t want to, Birch has some very exciting game news that should motivate us all, Bondwatch is back and more. It’s another packed show.

Our Epic Trailer Music is from Two Steps From Hell and a special mention for Dr Squid who created our Budget Bond Theme. For free. Sucker…

Mr Wilson

The FFL March Trailers Podcast

It’s March, it’s the 8th and that means it’s time for the March Trailers Podcast. This months selection of out-now-or-really-soon movies includes violent action, a failed attempt at comedy violence, a creature feature, sci-fi, superheroes and a ghost story about someone who goes shopping in France. So, quite a good spread on the genre front then.

If you don’t already know that our Epic Trailer Music is from Two Steps From Hell then this must be your first time! Welcome! Enjoy the podcast then pop on over to our Discord chat and tell us how wrong we all are.

Until next month…


The Legend of the Legendary FFL March Podcast

Welcome to the March FFL Podcast where we completely ignore that big awards festival where people ban their accountants because the wrong winner gets announced and instead let you know what really matters. Yes, Ladies and Gents, you can talk to us directly via Discord. Let us know what you think of the game, what’s already great and what we should do to make it an even greater game. Or make fun of Wilson’s total lack of avatar just because you can.

We also introduce the FFL Movie Title generator, there’s another Smith keeping our language family friendly and handing out the quiz buzzers, there’s movie reviews and a dungeon of doom entry too – it’s all good.

As usual, epic trailer music is supplied by the most epic Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL February Trailers Podcast

Hello and welcome to the February edition of a podcast you can play along with (usual disclaimer about this feature not being recommended when driving or operating machinery applies).  This month we’ll be looking at Patriots Day before coating ourselves in sequels with 50 Shades Darker, Lego Batman and John Wick 2.

If you’re new to this then welcome – here’s how it works.  We’re looking ahead at movies that are coming out in the next few weeks so we know if there is cause for us to invest our fantasy film budget in some of the stars or not.  We decide this based on highly unscientific methods that are probably doomed to fail.  But what do you think? Has a miracle occurred and Wilson talked sense for once?  Is the Birch/Smith philosophy of using the cast of Marvel films a winner? Or is Thorns more cultured perspective the way forward?

If you want to play along, get yourself in front of something that can find and show movie trailers (YouTube probably) and when we break to watch each trailer you can pause the podcast and watch the trailer also.  We then share our *cough* wisdom about the trailer we’ve just seen to work out if anything about it appeals.  Feel free to share your thoughts with us via our Facebook page, get them into 140 characters of tweet to @TheFFL.

What would an FFL Podcast be without the Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.  Well, quieter, probably.  Enjoy the trailers…

The FFL February Podcast

Hello and welcome to the blog that welcomes you to the February Podcast from us at the FFL. In a rare event, four of the Mister Men are present so this month you get to hear movie reviews from Birch, the “Movie-Descriptions-In-Simple-Words” quiz from Smith, possibly the most expensive Dungeon of Doom DVD review from Wilson and now that we’ve finally got the end of year scores sorted, recognition for the 2016 FFL Winner from Thorn. He might be a little sore that he’s not first, but it could be worse. Right Mr Birch?

The usual credits apply, with Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell and Dr Squid providing our Budget Bond Theme. Joining these fabulous artists on our credits list this month is Frankum & Frankumjay’s Viena Dance loop found via