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Final scores for the FFL 2016 season

After a long wait while we tracked down some pesky UK box office data, the final scores for the FFL 2016 season are in! Our congratulations go to Pappsamillion, who topped the 2016 league table with a staggering 390,110,000 Fb. You can check out the full league for 2016 here to see how everyone did.

Don’t forget that the 2017 season is already under way, so go play!

The July Trailers Podcast

Smith and Birch bring the last trailers review of the summer. If variety be the spice of life then this podcast is a vindaloo curry. From the most rebooted franchise ever (Spiderman), to a film that brings an (ahem) emotional response from Birch (Emoji Movie) via It Comes At Night and Dunkirk – this podcast is a rom-com away from the royal flush of genres!

Back in September!

(Also the last time we’ll be using Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell for a while. Probably…)

Mr Wilson

The FFL July Podcast (Last one before the Summer Break)

What does the FFL Podcast have in common with most european countries? They both take most of August off! But before we drag ourselves away from our screens and go cold turkey from our movie additions on a beach somewhere, we’ve created this podcast for you! (And the trailers podcast for next week too, which we totally recorded live nearer the time and it’s a complete co-incidence that the same people appear in both).

This week, Smith is in a box, Birch gets the Dungeon of Doom all wrong and a trio of Estalls talk about WonderWoman. Tell me – where else would you find all that?


Like Epicness? Like trailer music? You’ll love the great work that is Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell

Also, do you like Bond themes? Do you have no money to pay for your own? Then seek out DR Squid* who can help you find a sucker to do it for you. For free.

*I’m going out on a limb and suggesting it’s mostly NSFW. Well, most offices at least.

The FFL June Trailers Podcast

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have the June Trailers podcast from the FFL. Which I’ve managed to get wrong – just a little bit. I’ll explain.

The point of the trailers podcast is to give you a window into our opinons on the upcoming movies of the month in case any merit some last minute cast changes in your fantasy films. Therefore, you’d expect the podcast to come out before the film and, for the most part, they do. However, this month, mainly due to being distracted by the build of the new wing on the Temple of Gozer I live in, I’ve completely failed to schedule the release of the June Trailers podcast. So if you were wondering on our advice about getting Gal Gadot in your cast on the back of Wonderwoman, well, that advice isn’t exactly timely.

All is not lost though! For a start, we already looked at Wonderwoman back in January so you can get our early impressions from back then. We’ve also spotted a pair of Churchill movies, we then ruin it all by making ourselves watch a Transformers trailer, but then redeem the situation by watching Baby Driver.

(Incidentally, on that last one and on our Discord chat, Mr Estall was at pains to point out to me that it’s not just a low budget Fast and Furious clone, no matter how much I think it looks like one. I think he thinks I’ve committed some form of blasphemy against Edgar Wright).

So dive in and then let us know what you think using the usual social media contact methods. If you need me, I’ll just be installing the extra large smoke machines next to the steps.

Mr Wilson

Epic Trailer Music, suitable as a soundtrack for a thousand year old god, is from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL June Podcast

It’s the June FFL Podcast and with your old pals Birch and Smith! We have the regular news and game update but then Birch brings us down by looking at really bad films.

We’re still using Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell because we still like it, and would encourage you to get familiar with their other amazing works.

The FFL May Trailers Podcast

This month the boys discuss trailers for The Circle, Alien Covenant, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Pirates of The Caribbean, Baywatch and Mindhorn. And if that little lot isn’t enough for you, remember what Marvel do during and after the credits for their movies… well, you’ll need the links at the bottom of this blog for that bit.

So, if you have access to youtube, why don’t you watch the trailers when we do and scream at your MP3 player how wrong we are. Especially about Alien – there is no way that film is disappearing inside a month!

About those links… well, there’s the usual Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell, but this time, if you’re unfamiliar with the Youtube search bar, you’ll also want “The Original” link and the super smooth modern re-interpretation from Tom F

Enjoy… Wilson

The FFL May Podcast

It’s the May FFL Podcast and it’s another Birch and The Smiths spesh. We’ve seen Fast and Furious 8 which ticked all the right boxes, but begs the question of why we don’t rate xXx the same way. Weird, I know.
There’s also game news and a review of Beauty and The Beast by Birch, who has clearly forgotten that we have an intern precisely because *they* can go and see this kind of film so we don’t have to.

We’re still using Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell because we still like it, and would encourage you to get familiar with their other amazing works.

The FFL April Trailers Podcast

This month on the Trailers Podcast there’s a look at the Spandex-i-licious Power Rangers, animation of the month in the form of Boss Baby, we’re not sure what to make of Life, and finally Birch and Smith get excited* about Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and Fast and the Furious 8… no, wait, that’s not right – it’s F8 and the… no, that can’t be right. It’s eight and the furi… oh, I give up.

*It’s just possible they were so excited they forgot GOTG2 and F8OTF were covered earlier… but can you tell us when? Full marks for anyone who gets back to me with the correct episode!

Epic music of trailery epicness from Two Steps From Hell.