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Announcing: Awards

Today we are excited to announce something new for the Fantasy Film League – Awards!

Just like the worlds of PlayStation and XBox, we now have shiny things you can collect while playing the game.

We’re launching with just a handful of awards today but we’ll be adding many more through the year. You will earn some based on your progress in the game, there to spur you on to ever greater achievements. Some will be for just downright silly reasons, there for no other reason than they make us giggle.

We’ll also be keeping some of the awards secret too, little Easter eggs for you to stumble across.

We hope you like this addition to the game, we think it will be great fun. Tune in to our February podcast episode to hear us discuss awards in more detail.




The FFL February Trailers Podcast

It’s mid-February (ish) and so it’s time to let you know what we thought about some interesting looking trailers for movies landing from about now into mid-March.
This month Birch introduces the future classic that is Winchester, we strap in for the latest in the 50 Shades franchise, I can’t believe that Marvel have made a movie without superheroes punching each other in the face (Black Panther) then there’s Shape of the Water, Tomb Raider and – er – Mom and Dad. Well, there had to be a weak link somewhere.
Enjoy – Mr Wilson

Regulars will know our Epic Trailer Music is from Two Steps From Hell who we thank for not sending us a cease and desist order.

The FFL February Podcast

Good news in “This Is The Newwwwws”, bad news about incoming pointless remakes in the Shield feature, a pair of Dungeon of Doom entries that really should have failed the criteria for the Dungeon… and more! It’s the February 2018 FFL Podcast!

Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell. “This is The Newwws” interstatial by all of us.

The FFL January Podcast

Here for your delight is the first main FFL Podcast of 2018! Christmas seems a long time ago, 2017 in general feels… well… so last year. So it’s a good time to look back at the season that was and see who came out victorious and have a last look at 2017’s good and bad movies before they become beloved entries in Wilson’s Dungeon of cheap DVDs.

Over to you Smith and Birch…

Epic trailer music is still epic. And musical. And like in trailers. And from Two Steps From Hell.


And the winner of the FFL 2017 season is…

The 2017 season of the Fantasy Film League has come to a close and final result are in.

And the winner of the FFL 2017 season is… insert unnecessary drama building pause here… Mitch Matthews who won with an commanding final balance of 436,953,000 Fb! Congratulations Mitch, a fine return to form for our winner of the 2015 season.

Check out the full 2017 leaderboard to see how you did.

In the next episode of our podcast we will go over the results in more detail, including a detailed run-down of the top 10.

Don’t forget that the 2018 season is under way, so go enter your first fantasy for 2018 now!

The Fuffle of Christmas Past…

In a longer than normal special episode Mr Smith crashes in the Fortress of Birchitude to help(?) Mr Birch look at the top and bottom investment picks of 2018.

We see who you should have spent your money on, you you should have avoided and answer the big question: Was the Star Wars cast worth it?

Normal weekly analysis will resume in 2018

If you want to record yourself saying either “There it is! Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” (currently a five year old Little B) or “You’re so money you don’t even know it..” then please do and send it to for a shout out and a minuscule bit of podcast fame…

The FFL Dece… er… January trailers podcast!

Happy New Year! Here’s the latest trailers podcast that we absolutely did not record at the beginning of December. Honest…
Well, whenever we recorded it, here it is. Smith and Birch cast their critical eye over Downsizing, Coco, Hostiles, The recent (if delayed) Maze Runner and The Commuter.

Right, I’m off to dig out the Christmas decorat… er, I mean, get ready for the first day of work in the New Year.

Epic trailer music is still from Two Steps From Hell.

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