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Wilson Presents…. the Annual FFL Blooper Reel 2016

Summer. Was fun wasn’t it? Lots of fun in fact, which is why I, Mr Wilson, took 3 months to do a 1 month job. And what a job – compiling the edits, cuts and ramblings of a years worth of podcasts (well – the stuff we’re allowed to publish and possibly some stuff we’re not) and putting them all together so you can hear our unprofessional moments. Those that didn’t get into the actual podcasts that is. You get the idea.

You know the drill with the Epic Trailer Music by now – it’s from the amazing talents of Two Steps From Hell and we love it.

The podcast trailer podcast

Mr Birch and Mr Smith quickly pop in to explain what’s going on in a completely not confusing way.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

Playing the FFL reimagined

The FFL site has been in its current form for a few years years now. We threw it together in a hurry and we’ve never taken time to step back and looked at how it all fits together. We’re the first to admit that a player’s main experience looks muddled and busy.


Kinda used All The Colours there, didn’t we?

So, over the last couple of months I’ve been redesigning. We discussed a prototype in a recent podcast episode.

I wanted to focus on what players needed to see at any given moment and make learning the game far more intuitive.

Here’s what it looks like now:


Your rank, balance and the cost of your next fantasy film writ large. A glimpse of your nearest competitors in the league. Less clutter making way for bigger head-shots. A simple visual hint that you can have up to 6 people. Consistent formatting of Fufflebuck values. And all of this fitting onto screen without scrolling.

Information you need only when taking a particular action is shown at then and only then. For example, when entering your fantasy film:


Or when starting over:


I also wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that playing on a tablet worked well:


Or even on a phone:

screenshot-from-2016-09-16-21-13-20 screenshot-from-2016-09-16-21-19-41

I’m really excited to get this into the hands of players and this will be happening before the month is out. I’d also really appreciate your feedback before I set this loose on the world. You can even take a look at it right now by logging in then going to Note that this is a beta and if you take any actions you’ll get thrown back into the old world and will need to enter that new address again.

If you have feedback, please leave comments on this post, on our Facebook page or tweet @TheFFL. Thanks!


July trailers review

A bit later than expected but Mr Birch, Mr Thorn and Mr Smith review American Hero, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad and Mechanic Resurrection. Oh, and The Purge Election Year.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

It sounds good but…

Mr Smith reveals a prototype. Mr Birch reviews four films. Mr Thorn questions the team on their lowest quality sequels. Mr Birch predicts who will play Bond next.

And here’s a picture of that prototype:

Screenshot from 2016-06-25 13:35:03

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.


June trailers review

Mr Thorn, Mr Smith and Mr Birch review Tale of Tales, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Meddler, Central Intelligence and Now You See Me 2.

The play list follows if you want to watch along.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

The Fortress of Birchitude

Mr Birch welcomes Mr Thorn and Mr Smith into his Fortress of Birchitude. Mr Smith gives an update on some upgrades to Wopr. Mr Birch takes one for the team and reviews Zoolander 2 then How To Be Single and then Everly. Mr Smith turns the tables and spoils pirates for Mr Birch. Mr Thorn reviews Money Monster and on a similar note both Birch and Smith review The Big Short. Mr Birch rounds things off by looking for sequels that were better than the original.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

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