We’re back….

Greetings from the FFL,

We hope you are all keeping safe at this time and we wanted to update on what is happening with the Fantasy Film League.
For the past few months the FFL has been a very quiet place to be in as with cinemas in the UK and US closed there was no Box Office data to run the game so we made the decision to close everything down and wait.
With news now that the cinemas in the UK and US are reopening in some cases now is the time to look at how we can restart the game.
As the situations on both sides of the Atlantic are constantly changing due to reactions to COVID-19 we may have to make a few changes as we go on but we are eager to get the game up and running in some fashion.
We were presented with a few options on restarting including just scrapping the scores so far and restarting, giving everyone extra money to play with or simply leaving 2020 completely.
However, we have decided to restart from where we left off with a few new rules for 2020 to try to make it as fair as possible. Your casts are still in place with your scores unaffected.
Essentially we are ignore the past 12 weeks worth of data and skipping straight to the next week. This is probably the fairest way to do this and while you may be in the position of having just changed your cast and taken a hit on this we feel that this will have the lesser impact in total on the game and as things stabilise with film releases then any disadvantage will be a temporary one.
The scoring will begin again next Friday (10th July)
As a lot of films scheduled for release in the March to July window will still be released in 2020 there is a lot of chance to catch up and we think that newly released films may stay in the top ten for slightly longer than usual due to the nature of how they are to be screened.
It looked like “Tenet” was going to be the first Summer film released but this seems to have been delayed.  The cinema chains are testing their reopening with some classic rereleased films (in the UK a library of 400 has been made available to chains) that will fill in the scheduling gaps.
The Fantasy Film League rules does not recognise re-released films and if there is one in the top ten we simply move the other films up instead. So for example if Casion Royale was at number 8 then then it is ignored and the films at 9, 10 and 11 get promoted to 8,9 and 10 respectively.
This will not be the case for 2020.  We will allow rereleases of films if they were released originally in 2020.  So for example Birds of Prey, Trolls, Emma etc.  If these films reappear they will continue to score points.
Importantly though the example above allowed us to move up films in case of a rerelease, this will not happen in 2020.  So for example if a new film is at number 3 in the Box Office and the top two slots are ineligible rereleases then they re-releases will not score as usual but the film in number 3 will stay where is it and that weeks box office simply will not award points for the 1 and 2 positions. This gives a more realistic scoring system and will have a ramp up effect as more films are released.
Additionally, is there is another suspension of cinemas in either the US or UK we will carry on the game with only one set of data.  Obviously if there is another lock down in both the US and UK we will have to suspend the game again.
So we will start the scoring again from next week as the cinemas are opening in the US and UK now.  We will continue to monitor the situation and if we need to make changes we will let you all know. We are planning on releasing a new podcast episode soon (we are producing it remotely so we need to overcome a few technical challenges) so we should have more information then.
In the meantime please stay safe and welcome back,
Mr B & Mr S