The FFL Podcast November 2019

Mr Birch and Mr Smith start with chillies (yes!) but quickly get onto proper topics, like secret fantasy films line-ups, awards bugs, One And Done and sustainably powering Wopr into the century (obviously). Films such as Joker and Zombieland: Double Tap also come up. And then there’s James Dean’s new film. Oh dear. Epic trailer […]

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The FFL November Trailers Podcast

It’s trailers podcast time again and this month, see if you can spot the moment when Mr Smith began recording from inside Mr Birch’s biscuit tin. Despite the temptation of the highest quality biscuits yet, Smith and Birch manage to review a selection of the more interesting movie releases in November. Can you guess where […]

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The FFL August Trailers Podcast

Each month Birch and Smith look at trailers for movies landing in the following month to see if there are any that point to box office gold (or if any are total turkeys). A couple of quotes from this months episode; “WHY???” “Because everyone likes a good slice of Common” “Are we really going to […]

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The FFL July Trailers Podcast

What’s in store this month in the FFL Trailers podcast? Well, there’s a submarine, Ed Sheeran, zombies and time-travel (because this is us and there’s always time travel. Or should that be there always was time travel?) Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell. Always was, always will be.

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