The FFL Podcast June 2019

Mr Birch loses it over Batman. Mr Smith finds a fresh news jingle. Shocking revelations unfold on the FFL Discord chat! We review John Wick 3 and Can You Ever Forgive Me. And as we near the halfway point of the year, stock is taken of the best picks so far in the Fantasy Film League.

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The FFL Podcast May 2019

Talking about Avengers: Endgame was… inevitable. Absolutely minimal spoilers and plenty of warning provided. We also review Destination Wedding, The Favourite and Crazy Rich Asians. And if that’s not enough, Birch reveals exciting news about not one but two films going into production.

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The FFL Podcast April 2019

Real world news covering the return of James Gunn to the helm of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Smith starts the recasting process for his Flash Gordon remake. Birch reviews Captain Marvel, Smith hits back with Fighting with My Family, but Birch closes with a strong Bohemian Rhapsody / Isn’t It Romantic one-two.

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The FFL Podcast March 2019

Game news, a kids movie review and a combination of Affleck now and Clooney then bringing Smith and Birch to blows. Must be the FFL March Podcast. Showing love for Creative Commons licences, we have Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell and Bensound created The Elevator Bossa Nova.

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