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The FFL August Trailers Podcast

It’s August and traditionally we’d use this as our summer break.  But we’re starting to get bored with tradition, so here’s Smith and Birch with NINE (count-em) trailer reviews to give you an insight as to whether we think any of their cast are worth investing in.

This month, The Meg kicks us off and we go on a journey via Juliette Naked and Patient Zero to Predator and Johnny English Strikes Again.  Hashtag “Eclectic”.

Epic trailer music from those purveyors of Epic Trailer Music Two Steps From Hell.


The FFL August Podcast

Smith walks through some recent improvements to the game (and forgets some more in the process). Birch brings back Bondwatch and tries not to drool over Henry Cavill. Ready Player One gets a belated beating from Birch before attention is turned towards an unexpected twist in the career of M. Night Shyamalan.

Epic trailer music is provided by Two Steps From Hell.

July 2018 Trailers Podcast

This month Birch and Smith decide your fuffle is best invested in.. violence in Hotel Artemis, violence for our Dads in The Equalizer 2 or puppet-based violence in The Happytime Murders. The mood is lightened (or not) with The Spy Who Dumped Me, Black Clansman, Upgrade and Action Point.

Check it our here…

As usual, we’re epic trailer music-ed to the max with a little help from the good people at Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL July Podcast

Here we go again – another podcast with Smith and Birch, who gets his months mixed up. This month, Smith has news, Smith has seen two of the summers biggest films and Birch has brought the stats.
You can get it here or anywhere else that serves up quality podcasts…

Epic trailer music is provided by Two Steps From Hell who do lots of other cool stuff too and you really should check them out. We’re not even paid to say that last bit, it’s just a fact.

June 2018 trailers

This month Smith and Birch take a look at the trailers for The First Purge, The Incredibles 2, Future World, Escape Plan 2, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL June Podcast

Got time for another FFL podcast? You better have! This time – Smith reveals how a player managed to break WOPR, what happened with the scoring glitch and how we should score movies with no clear lead or a lot of voices, which would be why there’s a ton of stuff about certain recent Marvel films. Wilson wasn’t in the room, but if he was he’d have been sent away for the purposes of getting a podcast recorded that wasn’t one long rant.

Now, lets play a little game. Try re-arranging the below into a common phrase from these podcast blogs;
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May 2018 trailers podcast

This month’s trailers podcast is brought to you by artisan audio creators. We allow the audio to mature in oak casks for a rich, mellow flavour before releasing it to your ears. This careful process does take longer, so much so that May’s episode comes out in June, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate this superior product. Or something.

This time we look at Book Club, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ocean’s 8. Yup, just three films. Makes you wonder what took so long…


Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell.