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The FFL November Trailers Podcast

It’s with great sorrow that I report that Smith and Birch have been abducted by aliens and replicants returned in their place. That’s the only possible explanation for this months trailers verdicts.

In the battle of the films with “Mary” in the title, the nailed-on success (in Wilsons’ opinion) that is Mary Poppins gets the same level of meh as Mary Queen Of Scots. Meanwhile, Bumblebee, yes BUMBLEBEE, the Transformers film no less, is the one the boys are going to watch this month!

Download and hit play to find out what on earth is going on.

Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell. At least that wasn’t replaced by the replicants…


The FFL November Podcast

November FFL Podcast time and it’s some exciting game updates that dominate the News. Join us on Discord to let us know what you think once you’ve heard what Smith and Birch have up their sleeves.

Meanwhile, Birch – the one with the least love for Star Wars movies out of us all – has seen Solo. Being a space-heist movie, maybe Birch loved it? Maybe?

This and more…

Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL October Trailers Podcast

Not many podcasts invite audience participation, but this is one of the few. When the interstatial Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell we invite you to pause the podcast, get the trailer we’re watching on YouTube and then see if you agree with our assessment of the upcoming chart-bothering movie.
This months tour of the chart-botherers takes in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the second of the Fantastic Beasts movies, The Girl in the Spiders Web, Hunter Killer and even has time for some early Festive Cheer (hey, Christmas is only 2 paychecks away!).

Get it all here

The FFL October Podcast

It’s October and Wilson has finally rejoined Smith and Birch in the temporary studio in the secondary dining area of the Fortress of Birchitude. So as well as the usual Bondwatch, game news and movie reviews, the Dungeon of Doom makes an appearance.

Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL September Trailers Podcast

Autumn is upon us and as the leaves drift down from the trees, Birch and Smith look at some upcoming movies to see if they have anyone worth investing your hard earned fuffle in. Or if they look good enough for your hard earned real money, for that matter.

This month it’s a bit eclectic. From Goosebumps 2 to Bohemian Rahapsody to Venom to Bad Times at the El Royale, it seems as if there’s something for everyone at the movies this month. But are any of them looking any good?

Epic Trailer Music from Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL Podcast September – Bond special

In a departure to our usual programming, we bring you a whole episode devoted to the James Bond films.

Epic trailer music is provided by Two Steps From Hell.

The FFL August Trailers Podcast

It’s August and traditionally we’d use this as our summer break.  But we’re starting to get bored with tradition, so here’s Smith and Birch with NINE (count-em) trailer reviews to give you an insight as to whether we think any of their cast are worth investing in.

This month, The Meg kicks us off and we go on a journey via Juliette Naked and Patient Zero to Predator and Johnny English Strikes Again.  Hashtag “Eclectic”.

Epic trailer music from those purveyors of Epic Trailer Music Two Steps From Hell.