So I’m like a producer or something?

Yes, in the Fantasy Film League you play a producer with a budget of 50,000,000 Fufflebucks.


Yes, Fufflebucks or just “Fb” for short. Fufflebucks are the official currency of the FFL. Why? Why the Fuffle not?!

What do I do with these Fufflebucks?

Create your own fantasy film by picking from our list of actors and directors. You have six slots but you do not have to fill them all.

Choose any combination of actors and directors. Have six directors or six actors if you want. Keep in mind your budget is 50,000,000 Fb.

Finally, create a title for your film, but please keep it clean as kids play this game too. Our highly sophisticated AI “Wopr” can suggest titles if you get stuck.

How do I score?

You score by increasing your balance.

Each time someone from your fantasy film acts in (or directs) a real-life movie, they generate income that is added to your balance.

The winner is the player with the highest balance at the end of the season.

Some small print:

  1. You cannot exceed your budget of 50,000,000 Fb but you do not have to spend it all – your balance starts at whatever is unspent
  2. Income is based solely on US and UK box office position
  3. Streaming, rental and other country’s box offices do not generate income

Just the US and UK? What about the rest of the world?!

We’re based in the UK but we chose the US box office because blockbuster films are released there first. Hollywood is arguably the centre of the film world.

We added the UK box office to allow for transatlantic success (and failures). Indie films generally do better in the UK, which makes things a bit more interesting.

We considered including other territories but decided it would get too complicated and the volume of data required would overwhelm us.

Any tips on who to pick?

It’s your fantasy film and you should feel free to choose whoever you want but…

  • Picking someone you find attractive is fine – it is the Fantasy Film League after all! – but if they have nothing in the pipeline, think twice
  • Pick people who have films coming out in the US and UK this year
  • Picking multiple people from the same film can be risky, so consider multiple up-coming films
  • Directors rarely make more than one film a year so consider them carefully
  • A low-cost film may net you an early lead but if the income generated is low you will fall behind

Do I get double income if a director also acts in the same film?

No. For example, Taiki Waititi was both director and actor in Thor: Ragnarok but he only generated income as a director.

How is my income calculated?

The size of income generated is determined by both the position of a real-life movie in the box office top and the billing of the person in that movie.

Are you saying the star of a movie generates more income than the supporting cast?

Yes. Generally, actors appearing in the top two positions of a movie’s cast list are designated Top Billing. Directors are treated that same as Top Billing actors for income. With a few exceptions, everyone else is designated Supporting Cast.

Exceptions to this “top two” rule include, for example, an ensemble cast all being considered Supporting Cast with no one being Top Billing. On these exceptions, the FFL team’s decision is final.

The precise income generated is shown in this table:

Position Director
& Top Billing
Supporting Cast
HIT & Voice
1 3,000,000 Fb 1,500,000 Fb 300,000 Fb
2 2,600,000 Fb 1,300,000 Fb 260,000 Fb
3 2,230,000 Fb 1,115,000 Fb 223,000 Fb
4 1,890,000 Fb 945,000 Fb 189,000 Fb
5 1,580,000 Fb 790,000 Fb 158,000 Fb
6 1,300,000 Fb 650,000 Fb 130,000 Fb
7 1,050,000 Fb 525,000 Fb 105,000 Fb
8 830,000 Fb 415,000 Fb 83,000 Fb
9 640,000 Fb 320,000 Fb 64,000 Fb
10 480,000 Fb 240,000 Fb 48,000 Fb

Wait, what’s HIT & Voice?

HIT is short for Hey Isn’t That…? and covers cameos, such as Stan Lee in every Marvel movie ever.

Because animations aimed at children often have disproportionately long box office runs, and the FFL rewards long runs (versus real-life box office takings) we make actors providing a voice performance generate a lower income to compensate. This applies equally to live-action films, such as Vin Diesel’s voice performance as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do re-released movies generate income?


Can I change the people in my fantasy film?

No… but also yes. No, you cannot change a fantasy film that has been released. But you can replace your fantasy film with a sequel. This can have some (or all!) of the people you had previously but you will have to pay for them again from your balance.

Is that everything?

Yes, so now it’s time you got back to the game! If you have any questions, please come and chat with us on Discord.

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