UK Box Office Predictions: Disney To Dominate Again With Frozen II

UK box office predictions w/c 11th November: How did we do?

We were halfway there last week, correctly predicting third through sixth (Joker, Maleficent, the Addams Family and the Good Liar). We were also right about Shaun The Sheep Movie crawling up from tenth to ninth.

Joker was finally ousted from the top, but not by Le Mans ’66 as we’d assumed (which came second), but by Last Christmas! We obviously underestimated how soon the United Kingdom starts feeling festive…(although, we don’t feel too bad as we did say that there was a chance it could take the top spot).

Two other minor surprises that threw off our predictions. The Aeronauts tumbled all the way from second to twelfth, and Abominable jumped back into the charts, moving from eleventh to eighth!

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What’s happening at the UK Box Office this week?

This week sees the release of prestige pictures Harriet and Them That Follow along with two crime dramas, 21 Bridges and Blue Story. They all face some mighty competition as Disney blockbuster Frozen II is likely to freeze out the top spot and Last Christmas and Le Man 66 are both likely to continue to perform strongly.

It’s really difficult to predict how all of these films will do as it’s such a crowded landscape.

Frozen II has been well reviewed, with the Telegraph saying that it’s a ‘resonant, rafter-shaking sequel’. Blue Story has also had positive word of mouth, with the Metro describing the film as ‘unsentimental and powerfully authentic’.

The same can’t be said for Them That Follow, Harriet or 21 Bridges. The Guardian said that Them That Follow was a ‘lethargic, emotionally vacant film’. Empire said that in Harriet, ‘Erivo’s impressive central performance is frequently undercut by an all-too-conventional approach’. Screen Daily said that for 21 Bridges, ‘every plot point and big reveal is telegraphed well in advance’.

We’ve based this weeks’ predictions mainly on number of screenings, and while we’re confident about our top four guesses the rest of the chart could see a very unpredictable weekend!

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Top 10 UK Films, November 22nd – 24th

1. Frozen II
2. Last Christmas
3. Le Mans ’66
4. Joker
5. 21 Bridges
6. Blue Story
7. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
8. Harriet
9. Them That Follow
10. The Addams Family

A Quick Note On Our UK Box Office Predictions…

These UK box office predictions are complete guesses from the Fantasy Film League team! We have no insider studio connections and we base our predictions on cinema screening estimates and data from past film performances.

Don’t forget these are the UK predictions and we use the US Top Ten as well for our Fantasy Film League game. While they can be similar there are always differences!

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