UK Box Office Predictions: Can Christmas Or Fast Cars Catch Up With The Joker?

UK box office predictions w/c 4th November: How did we do?

It was another astounding result for Joker, which stayed at the top of the box office for a sixth weekend in a row. That means that the Aeronauts failed to take flight, debuting in a disappointing second. 

Rounding out the top five were Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the Addams Family and the Good Liar, all in line with our predictions.

Further down the charts, Midway appeared in sixth, higher than we’d expected (perhaps benefiting from Remembrance Weekend). Otherwise, Doctor Sleep slipped down the charts much faster that we’d expected going from fourth all the way down to ninth.

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What’s happening at the UK Box Office this week?

Can anything beat Joker? Both Last Christmas and Le Mans ’66 are opening on over 300 screens and both have every chance of taking the top spot.

Of the two, we think that Le Mans ’66 has the best shot of success because of the big name stars and strong reviews. Empire said that “even if you’re not a motorhead, chances are you’ll be thrilled by this high-velocity bromance, powered by zesty acting and Mangold’s meticulous direction’.

Last Christmas however, has suffered from several one-star reviews. The Guardian said the ‘this shameless attempt by screenwriter Emma Thompson to siphon off the eggnog flavour from Love Actually is clunky and weird. Regardless, we’re not writing off its chances completely as the festive theme may go down well with many British cinemagoers.

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Top 10 UK Films, November 15th – 17th

1. Le Mans ’66
2. Last Christmas
3. Joker
4. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
5. The Addams Family
6. The Good Liar
7. The Aeronauts
8. Midway
9. Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
10. Terminator: Dark Fate

A Quick Note On Our UK Box Office Predictions…

These UK box office predictions are complete guesses from the Fantasy Film League team! We have no insider studio connections and we base our predictions on cinema screening estimates and data from past film performances.

Don’t forget these are the UK predictions and we use the US Top Ten as well for our Fantasy Film League game. While they can be similar there are always differences!

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