UK Box Office Predictions: Joker Vs. Judy

UK box office predictions w/c 23rd September: How did we do?

Despite getting the top two films spot on (Downton Abbey & Ad Astra), it wasn’t a great week for our predictions.

Ready or Not debuted in fifth, when we’d guessed third. This will no doubt be a disappointment to Disney considering the film’s solid reviews. The Goldfinch had a dismal start, worse than we’d expected, appearing all the way down in tenth.

It: Chapter Two dropped slightly to fourth as we’d assumed, and the Lion King and Dora and the Lost City of Gold both fared better than we’d expected in eighth and ninth respectively. The biggest surprise came from Hustlers, which actually climbed up the charts from fifth to third!

Rambo and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood both had a bad week, with Rambo dropping from seventh to fourth and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood dropping from eighth all of the way out of the top ten to twelfth.

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What’s happening at the UK Box Office this week?

Following on from Downton’s dominance, it’s a big week for releases in the UK with Joker and Judy both appearing on over 300 screens on Friday.

There can be no doubt that Joker will be a smash hit. Fan interest is high in both the character, and Joaquin Phoenix’s psychotic exploration of his psyche has certainly intrigued cinemagoers. Empire have sung the film’s praise by saying that the film is “bold, devastating and utterly beautiful”.

There’s also significant interest in Judy, but there’s likely to be a bit of an audience crossover with Downton Abbey as well. The big question will be, which of these two will perform the strongest? The number of screenings would suggest that Judy should come second, but we’re saying Downton Abbey will take the number two slot; its hold on the top of the charts has been so strong that we don’t see it falling fast.

Lastly, we think that because Hustlers is holding so well that it will slip above Ad Astra and appear in fourth.

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Top 10 UK Films, October 4th – October 6th

  1. Joker
  2. Downton Abbey
  3. Judy
  4. Hustlers
  5. Ad Astra
  6. It: Chapter Two
  7. Ready Or Not
  8. The Lion King
  9. Rambo: Last Blood
  10. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

A Quick Note On Our UK Box Office Predictions…

These UK box office predictions are complete guesses from the Fantasy Film League team! We have no insider studio connections and we base our predictions on cinema screening estimates and data from past film performances.

Don’t forget these are the UK predictions and we use the US Top Ten as well for our Fantasy Film League game. While they can be similar there are always differences!

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