UK Box Office Predictions: Time For Captain Marvel To Soar!

UK Box Office Predictions w/c 4th Mar: How did we do? 

Our hit rate has improved, with our scientific guesstimation method correctly predicting the top four films for last weekend. This was great news for British cinema as the Norwich Vs. WrestleMania fable Fighting With My Family body-slammed the competition and claimed the top spot.

Otherwise, The Aftermath and Green Book performed above expectations (the latter benefited from an Oscars bounce), and The Kid Who Would Be King, Alita: Battle Angel and Cold Pursuit performed below expectations. It looks like Cold Pursuit will be out of the charts after only a couple of weeks out at the cinema, which means that it’s been a pretty terrible run for the Liam Neeson action vehicle. Also, On the Basis of Sex has already vanished without a trace and will doubtless appear on streaming services before people have even realised that it’s been and gone at the cinemas.

The biggest surprise was to see Women of Mafia 2 slot in at number ten at the UK box office, as this has had some hilariously terrible reviews. Ryan Gilbey from the New Statesman said “The absence of a moral component, or some indication that what we’re seeing isn’t meant to be titillating, renders the film about as enjoyable as surgery without anaesthetic.” Ouch!

You can read our full UK box office predictions for last week here.

What’s happening at the UK Box Office this week? 

Despite lukewarm reviews, all bets are on Captain Marvel to comfortably take the top spot. The unstoppable momentum from the successes of Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War mean that the latest Avengers Blockbuster is set to photon-blast every other film out of the way for several weeks to come.

The real question is what will happen further down the charts. Captain Marvel is taking up an unusually high amount of cinema screens which means that a vital ingredient for our guesstimation soup is missing. As there’s only one new wide release, we don’t expect much to change.

There is a chance that The Kindergarten Teacher could squeeze into the top ten as this is receiving a launch in 100+ cinemas. The unsettling drama starring Maggie Gyllenhaal may receive a boost from strong reviews, but it has had limited marketing so it’s touch and go on whether or not it will make an appearance.

We also expect Green Book to stay in the charts for longer than How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as the family film audience will start to switching to see Captain Marvel instead. For now, we don’t see these two films switching places just yet – but we’ll be keeping an eye of this for next week’s predictions!

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Top 10 UK Films, 8-10 March

  1. Captain Marvel
  2. Fighting With My Family
  3. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
  4. Instant Family
  5. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  6. Green Book
  7. The Aftermath
  8. Alita: Battle Angel
  9. The Kid Who Would Be King
  10. The Kindergarten Teacher

A Quick Note On Our UK Box Office Predictions…

These UK box office predictions are complete guesses from the Fantasy Film League team! We have no insider studio connections and we base our predictions on cinema screening estimates and data from past film performances.

Don’t forget these are the UK predictions and we use the US Top Ten as well for our Fantasy Film League game. While they can be similar there are always differences!

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