June 2018 trailers

This month Smith and Birch take a look at the trailers for The First Purge, The Incredibles 2, Future World, Escape Plan 2, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Epic trailer music from Two Steps From Hell. Advertisements

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The FFL June Podcast

Got time for another FFL podcast? You better have! This time – Smith reveals how a player managed to break WOPR, what happened with the scoring glitch and how we should score movies with no clear lead or a lot of voices, which would be why there’s a ton of stuff about certain recent Marvel […]

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May 2018 trailers podcast

This month’s trailers podcast is brought to you by artisan audio creators. We allow the audio to mature in oak casks for a rich, mellow flavour before releasing it to your ears. This careful process does take longer, so much so that May’s episode comes out in June, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate this superior […]

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