You’re so Money…

He’s back with his investment bell and advice on what you should have done 4 weeks ago with your FFL cast. Mr Birch guides you through the top 5 highest scoring stars and looks at a few investment opportunities ahead.  It’s like those complicated investment show only it’s on a Sunday morning and even if […]

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The September Trailers Podcast

Wilson here. Now then…guilty pleasures. We’ve all got them. Whether it’s hogging the sour-sugar powder at the bottom of a bag of cola-bottle sweets or secretly enjoying the kids TV show “Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles” (c’mon, it’s not just me, right? Right?) there’s always something we secretly love but tend not to talk about […]

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What The Fuffle?

Mr Birch has been working away on a mini-podcast to give you more details on the economics of the FFL.  So if you are wondering if buying Vin Diesel was a good decision (it was) or if buying all the Star Wars cast right now is a good idea (it’s not) then this is the […]

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The FFL September Podcast

Well summer was, er, summery and it’s gone now. So it’s time to stop grilling meat in our back gardens and get back to the important business of explaining how we’re planning to fund the FFL Curry and Beer evening now that Daniel Craig has decided to delay Henry Cavill’s Bond career by a few […]

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