2015 season opens!

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the 2015 season of the Fantasy Film League open! We flipped the switch on Wopr not long ago and there are already six brand new fantasy films created by players. You have until midnight (GMT/UTC/UK) this Thursday to get your new fantasy film entered if you want to score for the first box office week that starts on Friday. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline, however, just get your film in and you’ll start scoring from the following Friday.

We’ll be back with the final results table for the 2014 season in the near future.

One last thing to note is that for the 2015 season we have reduced the number of available slots in your new fantasy films from ten to six. We cover some of the reasons why in our upcoming podcast and we’ll also post an article here too. Overall, though, it boils down to having a closer, more exciting competition this year.

Best of luck!