The Joss Whedon Quandary

From our Facebook page earlier… Jason writes: Joss Whedon didn’t earn anything for cabin in the woods, and no UK box office?…….. Julia writes: I would like to add to this by mentioning that my homepage says that I earn money for joss in ‘cabin’ but no fufflebucks are registered on my earnings page Hi […]

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Scores for week 3

The scores for week 3 are now available. SkyNet has used spare CPU cycle to predict this week’s winmning lotery numbers. They are: 3, 7, 14, 15, 22, and 41. Although it may be off by one..

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This season you may have already noticed that you only get one transfer. Last year you did receive two and we`ve already had a few emails asking about it. OK, first things first, after the second weeks of scoring you are able to use your transfer. This means that you can swap out any member […]

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Scoring Timetable

Just a quick note to the scoring timetable for this year. Mr Smith has, possibly unwisely, given me the keys to SkyNet (our friendly and in no way megalomaniacal FFL AI) and I will trying to enter the scores on a regular timetable. The aim is to do the score at approximately 1700 GMT every […]

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