Search and add stars

We’ve finally made the blindingly obvious move of linking each star’s page to the relevant place in the price list. This way, if you search for a star by name you can easily add them to your fantasy film. Now, why did it take us so long to fix that?! Advertisements

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2012-13 Season open!

We’ve uploaded the 2012-13 price list! This means that the 2012-13 season is also open for submissions. Next weekend, starting Friday 30th March, will be the first that we take box office figures from for the season. These figures aren’t usually published for a few days after the weekend, so we estimate you have until […]

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New welcome page

Our brand new welcome page has gone live! If you’re an existing player this is probably not very exciting but for new visitors it quickly explains what the FFL is all about. As you’ll notice, we’re starting to shift from using $ for currency to FuffleBucks, the new official currency of the FFL. In the […]

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Help us add missing stars

Mr Birch will shortly begin the herculean task of compiling the FFL price list for the 2012-13 season. If there are any stars missing from our current list that you’d like to have in your fantasy film next season, now is the time to tell us! This year it’s even easier to check who’s available […]

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The 2011-12 season winners

With the announcement of the Oscars our 2011-12 FFL season has come to a close. After 48 weeks the top of the league looks like this: 1 Uncomfortable Cheese Metaphors $167,720,000 2 Hereafter, There a-fter, Everywhere a fter-fter $162,408,000 3 Kung Fu Panda vs Fruit Ninja: Ska-Juice! $150,877,000 4 My Galactus Hat and Me $148,234,000 […]

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