Lost your password? No reset email?

It’s come to our attention that the part of Skynet that sends out password reset emails when you click the Forgot Your Password? link is broken. Well, actually, it’s probably some issue with our less-that-reliable service provide (who we’ll be moving from in a around a month’s time) but that’s another story. In the mean […]

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The 2011-12 season is open!

The new star prices for the 2011-12 season have been uploaded and you can enter your new fantasy film right away! Go to your FFL home page and follow the “Pick stars for my fantasy film” link just like last year. We haven’t decided yet whether the first weekend we’ll take box office figures from […]

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We need words, lots of words

Since we brought the Fantasy Film League back to life late in 2009, we’ve been using Facebook and Twitter to keep you up to date with developments in the game. We’ve also made occasional posts on the main FFL website. Sometimes these were news, sometimes film reviews, sometimes more substantive topics like the rules and […]

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The new 2011/12 price list

So it’s ready. We haven’t plugged this into Skynet yet but here’s an analogue version you can start to shop with. You’ll notice a few changes to prices but if there is anyone on the list that we’ve missed here’s your chance to let us know. While we can add star and directors into the […]

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