Week 10 – Scores are in

So the week 10 scores are ready to go. Mr Smith has also used the last week to get a new feature in. So now all you have to do is go to here to see the latest scores.  We’ll eventually link it all to your login page but I’ll continue to post up to […]

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Week 9 Scores

Week 9 is here and Iron Man 2 continues to make ridiculous amounts of money for most of our players.  Work on the game in the background continues and Mr Smith will be rolling out a few improvements of the coming weeks. I’m not sure exactly what order these are coming but as and when […]

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Week 8 scores

Here are the scores for week 8. My fantasy film, “Phoenix Rising”, has climbed a modest 5 places to 200; slow and steady. In other news, I’m working on automating this league table on the site so that you don’t have to wait for us to post it here.

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Week 7 scores

Here are the scores for week 7. If you’ve forgotten the title of your fantasy film, just click “My fantasy film” at the top of the page and sign in. I’ve finally found time to enter a film of my own, “Phoenix Rising”, which is currently at 205. Just you wait, though.

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Week 6 scores

Apologies for the later-than-usual publishing of this week’s scores. Our hosting company “upgraded” the FFL master server but the results have left something to be desired. I’ve also taken the opportunity this week to automate certain parts of the scoring system so we’re much less likely to miss out any stars from the cast lists […]

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